Top 7 Tips For More Effective Remote Meetings

This year, we have all had to get used to remote team meetings. On the one hand, they’ve helped us stay in contact with each other and helped us keep things up to speed, but on the other, technical glitches and the difficulty of communicating when we aren’t getting the usual non-verbal cues has been … Read more

After Covid-19: Are Your Employees Dreading the Return to Work?

At the beginning of lockdown, many people were forced to work remotely for the first time and for some, it took a lot of adjusting to. The loss of daily structure, the lack of face-to-face interaction with colleagues, and the disappearance of the separation between life and work made people wonder if they could really … Read more

How to Maintain Business as Usual When Things Feel Very Unusual

As challenges in our professional and personal lives go, the coronavirus is unprecedented. Increased home working, the need to self-isolate or reduce social contact, plus the worries about health, finances, and the future mean that it’s more important now than ever that as an HR manager, you keep in touch with employees during this difficult … Read more