Why Being Determined is An Essential Leadership Trait  

Hi, I’m Nicola from The People Mentor, and in today’s podcast, I want to talk about determination and why it’s an important attribute for a leader to have.  

One of your main tasks as a leader is to rally your people behind you and motivate them to achieve their goals. Inevitably, there will be obstacles that stand in the way, and these obstacles need to be overcome. Determination is what will get you over those obstacles, inspire your team, and keep the momentum going so you can achieve success.  

There are many keys to successful leadership and determination is one of them.  

What might determination in leadership look like?  

It might look like bringing plans, ideas, and goals to life-this would be less likely to happen without perseverance and determination. 

It could also look like having the drive and persistence to get things done, especially in the face of obstacles when others are ready to give up.  

Determination is also about being willing to go above and beyond and to do what is necessary to achieve a desired outcome. I’m going to add here, though, that with determination, there needs to be a degree of wisdom and skilled judgment-a leader has to be able to know when they should change course rather than just keep going if it’s ill-advised.  

Determination can also be about directing and inspiring your people to achieve shared goals. Sometimes, your team might not agree on the direction you want to go in, but it’s your job to inspire them with your vision. You know the bigger picture and your determination will get you there.  

Do you recognise yourself here? 

Are you the leader who stays resolute in the face of constant challenges and changes? 

Do you manage to keep your team inspired and motivated to meet their goals? 

Are you grounded and balanced, even in the face of uncertainty, opposition, team issues, or organisational politics?  

Even if you’re not, would you like to be? 

Determined leaders have certain attributes and strengths that keep them doing what they are doing, day after day, and year after year.  

Let’s look at what they are.  

The first thing is that they have a passion for what they are doing and a really strong belief in their mission, and this can really inspire the people around them to help them achieve their vision. It also drives them to keep going, even when things get tough.  

They are also intentional about what they do, and they always direct their gaze towards their end goal. They also know that they can’t do everything alone, so they put a lot of effort into creating energised, high-performing teams that will help them achieve success.  

Being intentional also means admitting to, and learning from mistakes, carrying on even in the face of obstacles, and never straying from your values and beliefs, even if it seems easier to do so sometimes.  

Another attribute of the determined leader is courage. Courage is really important in leadership. You have to go out on a limb sometimes and make unpopular decisions. You have to do what you know is the right thing, even when it seems like it’s the most difficult and uncomfortable thing. You have to be resolute in the face of uncertainty or even intimidation at times.  

Without courage, it would be easy to just throw your hands up and bow down to whatever person or situation you’re facing. Determined leadership is about feeling fear and doing it anyway!  

Finally, one of the most important attributes of a determined leader is being firm and unwavering, even in the face of adversity.  

What keeps them in this state is their strong belief in their vision and values, and in the fact that they have a higher purpose.  

Such a leader can keep their eyes on the prize, and have the tenacity to achieve the desired outcome even when the inevitable challenges come along. They know that whatever it takes to navigate through a particular season in the business, they can not only survive but thrive, and stay determined, whether they are in the depths of a valley or at the peak of a mountain. 

Would you say you’re a determined leader? 

The good news is that even if you feel you’re lacking in some areas, like courage, for example, you can always work on this.

Take small steps towards being more courageous every day, whether it’s by having a difficult conversation with an employee that you know is badly needed, or by making a decision that you know will be unpopular, and being able to justify it clearly to your team and get them onside.

Before you know it, you’ll be a more effective and confident leader with the resoluteness to get through anything that life throws at you.  

Do you want to be a more confident and determined leader? 

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I hope you enjoyed this podcast, and I’ll see you next time.  

This is The People Mentor signing off. 

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