Embracing Differences to Build a Better Team

Every team is a blend of different personalities, different backgrounds, and different experiences, and often we think about the negative connotations of this, like how it can cause conflict or lead to the formation of subgroups in the workplace. But what about the positives that differences can bring?
Different doesn’t have to mean bad, in fact, the different personalities on your team can all bring something to the table and help your business grow and thrive.

DISC personality assessment

DISC helps you understand that people are different and that their personality styles are more suited to certain types of tasks, job roles, and working environments. By understanding this, and how they communicate and deal with conflict, you can get the best out of them.
The DISC personality assessment shows that there are four main types of personality:

Dominant (D): Task and results-oriented, loves to achieve goals, hates being micromanaged, and takes risks.

Influencing (I): Enthusiastic, talkative, loves praise, peacemaker, hates rejection.

Steady (S): Team players, friendly, reliable, hates change and criticism, wants security.

Compliant (C): Details oriented, precise, hates criticism, prone to getting bogged down in detail.

What does this mean for your business?

Once you understand the different personalities on your team and what makes them tick, you can build a better team, increase employee performance and productivity, and improve morale and communication.
For example, if a team member is a dominant (D) personality, don’t constantly check up on them and look over their shoulder. They love autonomy and they won’t thrive if you try to babysit them. By letting go of the reins, they’ll be able to help you take your business forward.

A great team is a foundation for business success

There are always going to be differences in a team, but it’s the differences that make a rich tapestry. From the more colourful characters to the quiet and unassuming people, everyone has their part to play in the success of your business.
The first step to building a great team is understanding the different personality styles that are at play, and how they fit together (or not). For example, too many dominant personalities on a team might lead to conflict. You need a range of personalities on your team to create balance, and so the business can benefit from their various strengths.
DISC can also come into play when you’re hiring people for your team too. If you understand the existing makeup of the team, you might benefit from hiring people who will fill in the ‘gaps’ or restore some balance to the team.

Want to find out more?

All of my consulting packages incorporate DISC and I also run a one-hour DISC information session where we look at what DISC is and how you can use it in your business to create a more harmonious workplace, grow your business, and build a more secure future.
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