Developing a HR Package

A while ago I sat down and used the experience gained from Customers I have worked with, to come up with The People Mentor packages.
It has been an enlightening journey and has involved all my operational HR and continuous improvement experience. It was particularly satisfying for me to see that the skills I had acquired over 30 years plus worked well with small Electrical Engineer Companies and other Small Employers. It taught me that these skills fit any business and that the learning through Chartered Management Institute stands well wherever you work.

Most small Employers I work with are struggling to define roles and responsibilities for their employees and as a result, there is a blurring of roles creating duplication, no clear boundaries, a lack of decision-making and at times some conflict.
Often there are no policies and contracts in place, so employees don’t know what’s expected of them and Employers aren’t protected properly, leading to potential legal hell, alongside possible falling foul of discrimination laws.

Another item often missing is what behaviours are expected from employees and nothing gives me greater joy than running a small employee workshop to define what’s expected. I always find it amazing what the teams come up with.
The Values of the business haven’t often been shared and have been picked up by sheer fluke most of the time. With the behaviours workshop, we discuss the values of the business and we capture them from an employee’s perspective. That’s quite an eye-opener and gives the business owner something to think about.
We go through all of this as well as the basics Health and Safety that’s needed for a small team. The greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the team create a close-knit culture and understanding exactly how they ft into the business and what the boundaries are. It’s good to know that employees start viewing the workplace in a different light from behaviours to Health and Safety and gives a sense of comfort.

Even more, you see camaraderie form, opportunities start to evolve to share feedback and create a growth business. People gain more confidence in knowing where they stand!
Having gone through this stage several times now, I realised there was a need for a HR & Health & Safety Basics package utilising the operational background I had. I wanted it to be practical and easy to action in a fast-paced working environment. That’s what I’ve come up with.
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What do you think is missing in your business to help you cement your team and grow?

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