How Mentoring Can Level Up Your Leadership Abilities and Create Confidence

You have an idea about how you want to take the team or business forward but you don’t know where to start. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and stuck, or you need to lead your team through a period of change and everything feels uncertain.

What can you do, apart from running around like a headless chicken? You can invest in some leadership mentoring.

No matter how experienced you are, there’s always going to be something you don’t know or need help with. Muddling along alone is rarely the answer.

The most successful and effective leaders are always  learning and developing, and this can include hiring a leadership mentor. 

But what exactly will you get from it?

Here’s how mentoring can level up your leadership.

Why invest in leadership mentoring?

Because leaders need support too, for a variety of reasons which we’ll explore in this blog. But just a little statistic for you-Harvard Business Review surveyed 45 CEOs who had leadership mentors, and 71% said that they thought that their company’s performance had improved as a direct result. 69% said that they felt they were making better decisions, and 84% said that leadership mentoring had helped them avoid expensive mistakes and become more effective in their roles.

How leadership mentoring can help

It can boost your confidence

Leadership mentoring can give you that push you need to get out of your comfort zone, do something you’ve never done, or innovate in ways you never thought possible to benefit your team and the business. Without the support and guidance of a mentor, you might never take the leap that will take the business to the next level.

You’ll get better at giving and receiving feedback

Giving and receiving feedback in an effective and constructive way can be challenging, and having a leadership mentor can help with this. Your relationship will be a two-way street; as well as being honest with you about what needs to change (yes, even if it is you), you will be able to give your honest feedback to them. This will serve you well in any interaction you have at work.

You’ll have a confidante

A leadership mentor won’t just give advice, they are a confidante that you can talk about issues with. Just having an empathetic ear to listen to you can really reduce stress and overwhelm.

It can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses

A good leadership mentor can help you hone your strengths, work on your weaknesses, and sometimes even turn those weaknesses into strengths. Really knowing yourself and how you can become more effective is invaluable.

You can gain new perspectives

Your leadership mentor might be able to help you see things differently. You may realise that the thing that’s driving your problems isn’t what you thought it was. Sometimes all that’s needed is a fresh pair of eyes.

It can make you more flexible in your thinking

As well as helping you see different perspectives, leadership mentoring can help you move away from narrow-minded thinking by asking you challenging and thought-provoking questions. This is not to ‘catch you out,’ it will make you think more creatively and you’ll make better decisions.

You’ll communicate better with your team

Leadership mentoring will help you see where things might be getting lost in translation with your team and teach you how to communicate better. Better communication means people feel more appreciated and connected, and you’ll be more trusted and respected as a leader. This is an excellent foundation from which to be the inspirational, effective, and credible leader that people want.

It offers you the chance for reflection

Leadership is not all about strategy, softer skills have become much more relevant in recent years. Qualities like empathy, openness, emotional intelligence, and integrity have come more important. It’s about understanding yourself and understanding others; you can’t be an effective leader without the chance to reflect on and develop this aspect of your leadership.

You’ll have more job satisfaction and feel happier 

When you can see yourself making progress with things you’ve been stuck on, you feel more effective in your role, and you actually look forward to going into work every day, you’ll have more job satisfaction and feel happier overall. This isn’t just a nice thought, the research backs this up.

Finding a leadership mentor

To get the most out of leadership mentoring, you need to find a mentor who can best meet your needs.

Here’s why I could be that person:

I’ll challenge you- I’ll tell you how it is and what needs to change.

I’ll cheer you on- I’ll be your sounding board and help you identify your strengths which will make you feel less stressed and more empowered to be effective.

I’ve been there and done that- In my 30 years of leadership, there’s not many situations or issues I haven’t come across and I can help you overcome your issues with my knowledge and experience.

Want to level up your leadership?

My leadership mentoring can help your career soar, but don’t just take my word for it. Get in touch and let’s discuss exactly what’s possible.

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