Embrace Change, Fight Fear and Grow Your Business

Are you sitting comfortably? Welcome to my series of podcasts that will help you to navigate some of the difficulties you might come up against when you’re a business owner. Today, I want to talk about why change is something to be embraced and not feared, and why it’s essential for growing your business into something that’s going to give you the lifestyle, and future that you want.  

As you might know by now, the only constant in business is change. Change is uncomfortable for most people, and they try to resist or avoid it, and then it often happens anyway. But if you embrace change, and you put the wheels in motion yourself, there’s far more potential for feeling prepared, being able to adapt, and achieving a desirable outcome. 

Change is not, but if you prepare for it properly and have the courage to make the leap, things can be so much for the better for you, your team, and the business.  

So what are the benefits of embracing change?  

Well firstly, I think personal growth is an important benefit of change. You learn new things, you learn more about yourself, and even when things don’t go your way, it’s a learning opportunity disguised as an obstacle. When you get out of your comfort zone, you’re often far better for it.  

As well as giving you the opportunity to grow and learn, change teaches you how to be flexible and adaptable. Once you’ve got over the hurdle and upheaval of introducing change a few times, when it comes along again, you won’t feel so daunted because you know that you can cope.  

So change is a great teacher, and it’s needed if you want things to improve, for you, your team, and your business. If you want your business to be healthy and profitable with a motivated workforce, there might well be things you need to change in order to get there.  

Now that’s not to say that every change needs to be huge (unless that’s what is needed), and the reason why some business owners avoid change is because they think that it’s going to be one huge daunting task. Instead of thinking of it like this, and trying to initiate a huge shift in the way things are, why not make smaller changes in steps, that will eventually bring you to your desired destination? As you see the smaller changes going well, and everything fitting into place, you’re less likely to feel daunted about any larger-scale changes.  

Change is progress. It will help open up new opportunities you hadn’t thought of and help you stay one step ahead of your competitors in a changing world.  

I know it’s tempting to want to keep things as they are, but many business owners plod on for years, in the face of increasing costs, falling profits, and disharmony in their team. They lose their passion and forget why they started their business in the first place. Their team loses interest and becomes disengaged, and all of a sudden, your workplace is not a happy place to be at all.  

Change can bring new beginnings and it can jump-start flagging morale and passion if it’s embraced and not feared.  

Of course, you need to remember that any changes you make don’t just affect you as a business owner, they affect your team as well.  

Your employees might be resistant to change because it seems like too much uncertainty to handle in changing times. That’s why it’s your job as a business owner to handle change sensitively and correctly.  

So how do you handle employee fears about change?  

First, you need to tell them why the change needs to happen and how things will be better than they currently are after the change. Be honest. Tell them that you’re aware that there will be risks involved but that you truly believe that they’ll outweigh the benefits.  

Communication is key. Tell your team what is changing and when, and how it will affect them. Give them the chance to put their questions and concerns forward, and let them know that you’re in this together. Keeping people in the dark is not an option; this will only damage trust.  

Next, think about whether your team has the skills to deal with the changes when they come. This is your chance to identify any training and development opportunities. If team members feel prepared for new developments, they’re much more likely to feel confident and be amenable to change.  

Lastly, when you’re introducing change in your business, make sure you lead by example. Be confident that any change will be for the better, and always be sure to behave appropriately during the change process. For example, how would it look if you gave yourself a pay rise while you’re laying off members of your team? Think about the best way you can get your team on side, and help them feel valued, supported, and kept in the loop.  

Change is an inevitable part of business, and while the fear of the unknown can be disconcerting, the potential consequences of not changing when there’s a definite need to can be even more problematic.  

Want to know more about how to get the best out of your team when going change, then read this blog for more tips.

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Do you want a business that’s fit for growth, but all you see around you is chaos, a disorganised team that can’t solve issues without you, and fears about the future that seem way too real? 

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