How to Reduce Resistance to Change

Hi, I’m Nicola from The People Mentor, and in today’s podcast, I want to talk about how to reduce resistance to change. People generally don’t like to change the status quo, and workplaces are no exception. Change causes discomfort and anxiety, because people can’t always see what things might look like after the change-this is … Read more

The Ten Commandments of Communication in Change Management

A lack of effective communication is a common complaint in many organisations, but it can be a particularly serious issue when organisations are going through periods of change. In times of change, employees need to know what is happening and why, and they need transparency, openness, and honesty from leaders. So how can you avoid … Read more

5 Things To Know When You’re Leading Through Change

In the world of business and leadership, change is a constant companion. But whether you’re having to pivot in response to changes in the market, implement new processes, or deal with an increase or decrease in demand, how you deal with change is the most important predictor of business success. Leading change is not easy. … Read more

How to Talk to Directors and Managers About Change

As an HR Manager, you get to see people, processes, and performance from a unique vantage point, and that usually means that if there’s room for improvement, you’re the person who’s best placed to see it. But this also brings its difficulties because it can mean that you’re the only person pushing for change and … Read more