How to Talk to Directors and Managers About Change

As an HR Manager, you get to see people, processes, and performance from a unique vantage point, and that usually means that if there’s room for improvement, you’re the person who’s best placed to see it.
But this also brings its difficulties because it can mean that you’re the only person pushing for change and trying to convince others that it’s needed.

It can be a lonely and frustrating place when you know that change would improve business performance and profitability but it’s met by a wall of resistance. You might have loads of great ideas on how to turn things around in the business, but managers and directors don’t want to change the way they’ve always done things.

So why might managers and directors resist change?


• Managers and directors generally don’t want to be seen giving up control to anyone else
• Change feels uncertain as opposed to keeping things the way they are
• People tend to be creatures of habit and change can be uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and confusing
• Managers and directors can get defensive about you trying to change things that they’ve put in place
• Managers might worry about whether they’ll have the skillsets needed to cope with change
• Change can seem like too much work, especially to already overburdened leaders

How to talk to managers and directors about change

When you have discussions with managers and directors about change, it’s important to not only get across why it’s important but to also reframe it as a positive, inclusive process that’s going to result in better performance and profitability, rather than as something to be feared.

The only certainty in business is change. Businesses can’t afford to stagnate, as they will no be longer be relevant and competitors will leave them behind.

But change that benefits the business and everyone in it does not come solely from decisions made at the top, it needs to be a collaborative process, and that’s where you as an HR manager come in.

So when you talk to managers and directors about the need for change, here are some tips to help you do so with confidence and conviction.

Mind your language.
The word change might have negative connotations for some people, so why not talk about development or innovation instead? These are much more positive words and suggest that you’re talking about business growth rather than something that is unknown.

Involve everyone
Talk to people about the changes you think are needed and why, and don’t forget to mention the benefits for them and the business. This will remove a lot of the fear and resistance around change, and others might be able to contribute some ideas on how they think things can be improved.

Present managers and directors with evidence-and be confident!


It can feel frustrating and intimidating to be the only person in the business pushing for change, but hiring a consultant can help you lead change with confidence.
I can give you the evidence to present to directors and managers, as well as being a confidante you can talk through your feelings and frustrations with.
How I can help you lead change confidently
Change that doesn’t involve the people it’s going to affect or take into account their feelings about it, or whether they actually have the skills to navigate it is rarely successful. That’s why it needs a different approach.
When you work with me:
• I Involve and engage managers and teams in the change process and help them understand why it’s needed and their part in it.
•I  Can help you approach managers and directors with confidence and real evidence on how the change will impact the business and its people.
• Am honest and approachable, and I understand the concerns that you, managers and directors, and employees have around implementing change successfully.
• Can help you identify what’s needed to take the business forward into better performance and profitability.
• Can help develop managers and teams so that they have the skillsets needed to go into the next decade.

Are you an HR Director or manager in a small to medium business?
Do you feel that change is needed in how people and processes are managed, but you’re the only one pushing for change?
Do you believe that giving employees a voice and developing managers and the team is the key to better performance and profitability?
Do you have great ideas about how to turn things around but don’t know which way to turn?
I can help.
My tailored packages and bitesize training and workshops can help you:
• Identify what’s needed for the business to flourish
• Harness the power of a well-supported, confident, and energised team to increase performance and profitability
• Lead change confidently, with everyone on board

I have over 30 years’ experience in operational management and leading teams, and I know it can be a lonely place.
But I also know that realising the power of the collective is the key to increasing business performance and profitability.
With the right tools and training, working environments can become more harmonious, positive, collaborative, and productive.
Contact me at to find out how my tailored packages and bite-size training sessions can help you lead and implement the changes that will prime the business for success.

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