5 Things To Know When You’re Leading Through Change

In the world of business and leadership, change is a constant companion. But whether you’re having to pivot in response to changes in the market, implement new processes, or deal with an increase or decrease in demand, how you deal with change is the most important predictor of business success. Leading change is not easy. … Read more

Embracing Change: Onwards and Upwards to a More Resilient Future

Think of the last time you went through a really big, unsettling change. For many of you, it will be the situation we’ve collectively lived through this year, and are continuing to live through. The change that has been brought about by the pandemic has been unforeseen and abrupt, and when change happens in this … Read more

How to Talk to Directors and Managers About Change

As an HR Manager, you get to see people, processes, and performance from a unique vantage point, and that usually means that if there’s room for improvement, you’re the person who’s best placed to see it. But this also brings its difficulties because it can mean that you’re the only person pushing for change and … Read more

Change – A dirty word

            There you are in the middle of the change in the workplace and someone says you didn’t tell me about this or an element of it!  Suddenly everything grinds to a halt.  Alternatively, you have so many Senior Managers wanting to direct the change, as the person leading it, … Read more