10 Communication Tips to Help You Engage in Your Office-Based Business

It is estimated that poor communication and collaboration tools cost businesses over £7,500 per employee per year. (Per Computer Weekly) Communication can be defined as a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behaviour (source ) It is so easy to make a hash of communication … Read more

The Ten Commandments of Communication in Change Management

A lack of effective communication is a common complaint in many organisations, but it can be a particularly serious issue when organisations are going through periods of change. In times of change, employees need to know what is happening and why, and they need transparency, openness, and honesty from leaders. So how can you avoid … Read more

Communications in a crisis

In light of the recent cyber security incident, it prompted me to consider communications in a crisis. Have you ever been there when something has created a crisis at work and the news has spread faster than grease lightning? Gossip flows and before you know it, it’s like the Chinese whispers story. You need to … Read more

Improve your communication Skills?

Have you experienced approaching someone to discuss an issue and they’re half-heartedly listening to you and they just carrying on what they’re doing? How’s that made you feel? Unimportant and a nuisance? Sadly, what’s missing here is interpersonal skills, particularly around communications. Communication is vital to build relationships and get the best outcome for your … Read more