Are You Giving Your Accidental Managers What They Need?

Even the most experienced managers come across situations and issues they haven’t dealt with before, so spare a thought for the accidental manager who is thrown in at the deep end to manage a dysfunctional team.

They might be a highly-skilled employee, but leading and managing people is a completely different beast. Being a good leader is about getting the right training and experience, and knowing how to put it all into practice.

The problem with management training is that it often focuses on the strategic aspects of leadership rather than the softer skills you actually need to build high-performing, productive, and harmonious teams.

What good leaders need to know

If you want teams of people who are engaged, inspired, and willing to go the extra mile, you need managers who:

  • Know how to have difficult conversations
  • Know how to handle conflict
  • Know how to communicate openly, honestly, and clearly
  • Understand the importance of compassion and empathy
  • Invite sharing of ideas and concerns, and value collaboration
  • Understand the importance of giving team members regular feedback
  • Know how to rally everyone behind common goals and a wider purpose

The dysfunctional team headache

Managers aren’t born knowing this stuff, and if an accidental manager inherits a team where issues have gone unchecked for a long time, it can be a very steep learning curve. It can also cause a big headache for an HR manager or business owner.

Dysfunctional and disengaged teams aren’t productive teams, and you can’t underestimate the negative effects that this can have on the business.

For HR managers and business owners who are already so often overwhelmed and pushed for time, the thought of having to wade in and deal with team issues that should have been dealt with can be soul-destroying.

More importantly, it takes them away from doing the things that would really move the business forward.

So what needs to happen?

As an HR manager or business owner, you need to give accidental managers the best possible chance of being able to turn their teams around. How do you do that? By giving them the training, tools, and techniques that they need to build great teams and succeed.

‘That’s great, but where am I going to find time to do that?’ you might ask.

You don’t have to do it all alone.

You can hire a compassionate, understanding, and experienced business consultant like me who has been there and done that and knows what’s needed to turn teams around.

There’s no better time to get on top of your team issues

As you rebuild and recover from Covid-19, there’s no better time to get on top of your team issues and get everyone pulling in the same direction, once and for all.

Whether or not you can see exactly what the problem is, I’ll find it. I won’t point the finger, but I’ll point managers and their teams in the right direction, and give you a solid plan of action to put the business on a more secure footing.

I can develop accidental managers, give them the tools to build productive and harmonious teams, teach them how to handle difficult conversations and conflict, and how to rally everyone behind a common goal.

With my support, they can feel more confident and supported, and in turn, they’ll be able to build and lead teams that will carry the business down the path of success.

Imagine if your managers were confident enough to make decisions and deal with situations, and you didn’t have to intervene in every single little thing.

Imagine actually having time to do those valuable business tasks (and time for yourself) because you know that everything is running like clockwork.

Imagine walking into the workplace and seeing a thriving team environment.

You don’t have to imagine any longer.

Let me help you turn your team issues around.

Book a call today to find more about how my Team Turnaround package can help sort out those lingering people problems.

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