Are You Giving Your Accidental Managers What They Need?

Even the most experienced managers come across situations and issues they haven’t dealt with before, so spare a thought for the accidental manager who is thrown in at the deep end to manage a dysfunctional team. They might be a highly-skilled employee, but leading and managing people is a completely different beast. Being a good … Read more

What to Do When There are Divisions in Your Team

Are you sitting comfortably? Welcome to my series of podcasts that will help you to navigate those inevitable difficult events at work that are part of being a small business owner. Today I want to talk about what to do when divisions appear in your work team. There’s no better feeling than being part of … Read more

Four Tips to help improve your Business & Team?

You know your business has more potential but you feel as if you are stagnating? You took on employees but had no management experience and now you’re struggling with the relationship conflicts and people not pulling their weight. You envisaged an atmosphere of calm and kindness but instead, it’s fraught. What can you do to … Read more

Five Leadership Resolutions for the New Year

Are you stuffed with food and sinking into your armchair deeply relaxed? That’s the cosy picture we often paint of Christmas but often it’s a frantic period that only stops when you all sit down for the meal! Do you think coming up to New Year of how you could improve your Leadership skills and … Read more

Making it work across the different generations

Last week I talked about the different generations and what their needs are and how they can contribute to the workplace. This week I thought I’d explore what you can do as an employer to build teams that work well together and are engaged with the business. What we do know. What we do know … Read more