10 All Too Real Reasons You Need a Management Consultant

It isn’t easy running a business. Just when you think you’ve mastered one thing, something else comes along, whether it’s new legislation, new technology, new competition, or new customer demands. And that’s just for starters. I haven’t even mentioned hiring the right employees and keeping them happy, productive, and motivated. No wonder you feel like … Read more

Money on Your Mind? Managing Cashflow in a Small Business

Every business from huge corporate giants to your small business has one thing in common: the need to manage money. Even huge businesses have failed because they haven’t kept an eye on their balance sheets, and problems with cash flow is the main reason why small businesses fail. As a small business owner, one of … Read more

Four Tips to help improve your Business & Team?

You know your business has more potential but you feel as if you are stagnating? You took on employees but had no management experience and now you’re struggling with the relationship conflicts and people not pulling their weight. You envisaged an atmosphere of calm and kindness but instead, it’s fraught. What can you do to … Read more

What problems could a Management consultant help with?

The market size of the UK Consulting services is estimated at more than ten billion pounds a year as at 2016 (www.statista.com). That’s a lot of money so why do people use consultants. Let me touch on how Management consultants can help you. One scenario that springs to mind is helping the small and medium … Read more

Stop the bullying

Recently I’ve been thinking back to my first few jobs and what I learnt from them. For many years I worked for my mum and dad in their tea room and memories are full of laughter and love. At 18, I left home and went to work out in the big city. What an eye-opener! … Read more