A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Getting the Legal Basics Right

In this blog, I want to take you through the basic contracts and policies you need in place as an employer. Not getting these right could cost you precious time and a lot of money due to; So your business is growing and you’re ready to grow your team. You feel excited but also daunted. … Read more

10 All Too Real Reasons You Need a Management Consultant

It isn’t easy running a business. Just when you think you’ve mastered one thing, something else comes along, whether it’s new legislation, new technology, new competition, or new customer demands. And that’s just for starters. I haven’t even mentioned hiring the right employees and keeping them happy, productive, and motivated. No wonder you feel like … Read more

Money on Your Mind? Managing Cashflow in a Small Business

Every business from huge corporate giants to your small business has one thing in common: the need to manage money. Even huge businesses have failed because they haven’t kept an eye on their balance sheets, and problems with cash flow is the main reason why small businesses fail. As a small business owner, one of … Read more

How to make the difference to your business

In July 2017 CBI stated Its survey of 357 businesses found over 40% of businesses said Brexit has affected their investment decisions. Of these, 98% said the impact has been negative. From my perspective, I am still seeing this trend with people I speak to, saying they will not invest in their business currently as … Read more

What makes a good Management consultant?

Have you ever dealt with a Management Consultant? If so, what stood out to you about their characteristics? When a Management consultant is brought in to the business it can create a defensive mode with the employees and Leader’s, that can easily result in the consultant’s time being wasted as well as the business’s money … Read more