10 tips to help you manage your emotions at work?

Recently a young Manager came to me upset with what her Manager had said about her lack of control over her emotions at work. It took me back as I used to find it difficult to hide my emotions and if I was upset it would show. The first point we discussed was what the … Read more

What makes a good Management consultant?

Have you ever dealt with a Management Consultant? If so, what stood out to you about their characteristics? When a Management consultant is brought in to the business it can create a defensive mode with the employees and Leader’s, that can easily result in the consultant’s time being wasted as well as the business’s money … Read more

What problems could a Management consultant help with?

The market size of the UK Consulting services is estimated at more than ten billion pounds a year as at 2016 (www.statista.com). That’s a lot of money so why do people use consultants. Let me touch on how Management consultants can help you. One scenario that springs to mind is helping the small and medium … Read more

Team working from an early age

This week I’ve been reminiscing and it took me back to the days where as a child I was brought up in a home-made cake shop and tea shop in a tiny village in West Sussex. From the age of seven I would help out and it was a fantastic experience for a child, as … Read more

Making it work across the different generations

Last week I talked about the different generations and what their needs are and how they can contribute to the workplace. This week I thought I’d explore what you can do as an employer to build teams that work well together and are engaged with the business. What we do know. What we do know … Read more