DISC & How it Helps You Get the Best Out of Your People

Every workplace is a melting pot of people with different behaviours, background, and levels of experience. For a business owner, keeping your employees happy, motivated, and productive can be a very fine balancing act. Wouldn’t it be great for you if you understood why people thrive doing certain tasks and not others? Wouldn’t it make … Read more

There’s No ‘I’ in Team: How to Get the Best out of Your Team and Grow Your Business

Do you have a vision for your business, but often feel like your team aren’t getting behind it? And are there signs that your team don’t feel valued and supported by you, either? Have you ever shared your vision with them, included them in decision-making, and encouraged them to contribute ideas? If not, then you … Read more

What are the benefits of a high performing team?

Have you ever been part of a high-performing team, where everyone worked together towards a shared set of goals, where everyone knew their role, and there was plenty of mutual respect, cooperation and collaboration? Do you remember looking forward to going to work every day? Or have you been on the other end of the … Read more

The Art of Delegation for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you’re probably driven and ambitious and used to doing everything yourself. You’re the head of sales and marketing, the customer service rep, administrator and much more. But if you’re spending your days doing the small stuff, how is your business ever going to grow?  Trying to take care of every … Read more

Why Your Business Needs a Performance Management System

Whether big or small, the most successful businesses balance achieving their goals with managing and developing their employees. But small businesses, in particular, can benefit from having a performance management system in place because having motivated, engaged, and loyal employees at the heart of the business are even more essential to success. What is performance … Read more