Difficult Conversations – Understand the Different Types and How to Make Them Easier

understanding conversations to make easier

What is the top HR most expensive mistake? Per People Management, it is avoiding those difficult conversations. The CMI (Thursday 02 July 2020) cite the trickiest conversations as: 1. Pay packets – 33% 2. Inappropriate behaviour in the workplace – 31% 3. Feedback on poor performance – 30% 4. Promotions – 23% 5. Sex – … Read more

DISC & How it Helps You Get the Best Out of Your People

Every workplace is a melting pot of people with different behaviours, background, and levels of experience. For a business owner, keeping your employees happy, motivated, and productive can be a very fine balancing act. Wouldn’t it be great for you if you understood why people thrive doing certain tasks and not others? Wouldn’t it make … Read more