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  • Planning as a Small Business

  • For the last 15 weeks, I have been following the Slimming World healthy approach to eating.  At times it has been extremely hard as I associate nice times with food.  I’ve given up wine as well (and I did love my glass of bubbly) but the positive impact it has had on my health has been fan[...]
  • Why would you hire a Management consultant?

  • People often ask me why would you want to hire a consultant? It’s clear from their faces they can’t see the value and wonder what they will gain. Well here are 5 reasons to hire a management consultant if you employ staff: 1. A fresh perspective - Often when you’re in the middle of your busine[...]
  • Stop the bullying

  • Recently I’ve been thinking back to my first few jobs and what I learnt from them. For many years I worked for my mum and dad in their tea room and memories are full of laughter and love. At 18, I left home and went to work out in the big city. What an eye-opener! My first real job was clerical a[...]
  • Reward, Recognition and all that jazz

  • Recently I was having a meal out, and on the next table, there was a couple discussing their business problem. The woman’s body language clearly showed she was uptight. Because I go in and troubleshoot on teams, I couldn’t help noticing all the non-verbal signs and odd bits of conversation could be [...]