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  • Emotionally managing change for Individuals

  •   Do we as leaders and Managers really think about how people are affected when we bring in change? Do we give enough support through change periods? As leaders, we are all so busy yet we are still managing employees and we need to give time to support our employees through any change. I’v[...]
  • Top tips to enhance your change agility

  • “There is nothing permanent except change” Heraclitus Are you one of those people who like change or are you someone who runs a mile away from any sign of a change! Change Agility is a term used to describe the ability to quickly and successfully concentrate and implement change in a business[...]
  • Change – A dirty word

  •             There you are in the middle of the change in the workplace and someone says you didn’t tell me about this or an element of it!  Suddenly everything grinds to a halt.  Alternatively, you have so many Senior Managers wanting to direct the[...]