How to Use Continuous Improvement tools in Your Office-Based Business Successfully

What is Continuous Improvement? Per the Chartered Management Institute, they define continuous Improvement as The seeking of small improvements in processes, and products, with the aim of increasing quality, and reducing waste. Continuous improvement is one of the tools which underpin the philosophies of total quality management, and lean production. Through constant study, and revision … Read more

Tips to Help you as a Small Employer

  As a Micro, Small or Medium Employer understanding the six areas to help your business perform and grow are essential. Here are my weekly vlog tips to help your business flourish. Week 1 – People & Capability Week 2 – Stakeholder Management   Week 3 – Delivery Planning   Week 4 – Reporting & … Read more

How to Get Over Your Fears About Change and Grow Your Business

Since you became your own boss, you’ve probably worked out that the only constant in business is change. Whether you need to introduce new systems and processes, or whether a complete overhaul is needed, managing change well is essential for success. But one thing that often stands in the way of successful change is fear. … Read more

How to Manage and Support Your Team Through Change  

Do we as leaders and managers really think about how people are affected when we bring in change? Do we give them enough support through periods of change? I think as leaders, we strive to and certainly try our best, despite all the conflicting demands on our time. However, if you feel like you’re struggling … Read more