How Being More Compassionate Can Benefit Your Business

Whether we like it or not, things happen in life that can make us feel stressed and unhappy. Whether it’s an unmanageable workload or having to work with a difficult colleague at work, or personal problems, every single one of us would benefit from being shown some compassion. This is where many organisations fall down. … Read more

Stop the bullying

Recently I’ve been thinking back to my first few jobs and what I learnt from them. For many years I worked for my mum and dad in their tea room and memories are full of laughter and love. At 18, I left home and went to work out in the big city. What an eye-opener! … Read more

Time lost through sickness and absence – supporting wellbeing

In 2016  I attended a CIPD day on well-being.  There was a real buzz in the air with different businesses sharing their ideas on helping with wellness, in turn bringing the sick absence days down. ACAS reported Sick absence costs the UK economy £8.4bn yearly.  Another fact to note is the cost of replacing staff … Read more

For the New Year – Building your work resilience for 2017

Resilience is about your aptitude to bounce back from problems and remain determined in the throes of hardship. Often there are many deviations along the way, alongside snags and challenges. So, it’s essential to build your resilience to help you recover quickly from difficulties through building skills you can utilise. Stress and fatigue work issues … Read more