Improve Your Wellbeing and Build Resilience in Your Office-Based SME

Are you sitting comfortably? Today I want to talk about how looking after your wellbeing can help you become more resilient. Running a business is very rewarding, but it’s also one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. Rather than having a good work/life balance, you might find that you’re stuck working longer hours, … Read more

How Positive Thinking Builds Resilience

If you are resilient, it doesn’t mean that you’re immune to adversity and life’s challenges, but you will bounce back and learn from them. There are a number of things that help us build resilience, and positive thinking is one of them. Positive thinking is not about denying reality, but when you work on developing … Read more

The Mental Health Impact of Coronavirus on Employees: Why HR Support is Key

As the lockdown restrictions, ease and businesses make plans to re-open workplaces, HR managers have their work cut out. In the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, there will be endless people issues to deal with, and if you think you were pushed for time before this happened, I don’t think you’ve seen anything yet. Employees … Read more