Want High Performing Teams? Balance Tasks and Relationships

Managers; are you task or people-oriented? Don’t worry, there’s no right or wrong answer. In the workplace, managers who focus on people help build good relationships and those who focus on tasks are the people who get things done. But if you want to build a high performing team, you need to balance tasks and … Read more

Developing Resilience In The Workplace

Are you sitting comfortably? Welcome to my series of podcasts that will help you to navigate those inevitable difficult events at work that are part of being a manager. Today I want to talk about how to build resilience at work. The World Health Organisation has called stress the “global health epidemic of the 21st … Read more

Are You Giving Your Accidental Managers What They Need?

Even the most experienced managers come across situations and issues they haven’t dealt with before, so spare a thought for the accidental manager who is thrown in at the deep end to manage a dysfunctional team. They might be a highly-skilled employee, but leading and managing people is a completely different beast. Being a good … Read more