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  • Letting yourself fly

  • I was not born in a home where there were stereotypes. So that was very useful because it gave me the sense of possibilities, of flying, if I may say, of making my hopes and dreams a reality.                                                       Michelle Bachelet Think back through your life [...]
  • Effective Problem-Solving - Duck or Dive

  •   So are you a ducker or diver? Effective Problem Solving   “Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a fa[...]
  • Creating Harmony with your team

  • Have you ever been in an environment where the atmosphere feels constrained and conversations are muted and far from genuine? If you are the team leader you need to consider why it’s happening and how you can promote real open and honest conversations. Without people being free to share ideas and[...]
  • Communicating Effectively in Meetings

  • Communication is a skill that you can learn. It's like riding a bicycle or typing. If you're willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life. Brian Tracy  Have you been in those meetings where people ramble on and there seems no structure?  Or a meeting where[...]