Lost in Translation – Do You Need to Adapt Your Communication Style?

In my blogs and podcasts, I often talk about the need for effective communication in the workplace. Great communication can motivate and inspire people, make you a more effective manager/leader, and it can help you avoid crossed wires and damaged relationships.  One of the things that makes communication effective is when it’s tailored to the … Read more

The Manager Who Buries Their Head in the Sand

If I asked you about your team, your job, and the business, what would you say? Would you say ‘Everything is fine’ and bury your head in the sand about anything that’s going wrong? Or would you be brave enough to face reality and really ask yourself what needs to change? The People Mentor can … Read more

Difficult Conversations: When Personal Relationships at Work Become a Problem  

Hi, I’m Nicola from The People Mentor.   In today’s podcast, I’m going to answer a question that someone has asked me about difficult conversations. This question relates to how to talk to employees who are going out with someone else in the business. I’m going to look at whether you actually need to have the … Read more

Managing Personalities in Virtual Teams

Hi and welcome to my podcast. I’m Nicola from The People Mentor. Meetings are a part of life in any business or organisation. Productive meetings help people share ideas, make decisions, and build good relationships, while ineffective meetings waste people’s time and don’t bring any value to the business.  Since the beginning of lockdown, many … Read more