Those difficult conversations you dread – (POOR CASE)

As Employers and Managers, we all can dread having difficult conversations and there are occasions when it can just go wrong, especially when you haven’t planned what you want to say. I can recall occasions when I have left meetings feeling like I’m the worst person alive and that’s not a nice feeling. I have … Read more

All the fun of the fair -employee engagement success!

Not so long ago, I had the delight of working with a very creative leader. There had been a recent merger of departments and we had been tasked with putting on a market stall event to share what all the parts of the business did. Our Team Lead held a meeting suggesting we took on … Read more

Could have done better!

I will always remember drafting a report for a Director. It was the first time I had written one and in those days there was no internet to research how to write a report! Would you believe it! Well, I really thought I had compiled a succinct and evidence-based report and felt really pleased with … Read more

Your Mood & How it Affects Others!

I can to this day recall a Manager who would come into work with a scowl and wouldn’t want to talk to anyone. You could have cut the air with a knife! All the employees on the floor would put their head down and the atmosphere would be strained. It really wasn’t a nice place … Read more